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Nutster 15.3.2014 edit delete reply
So that means by age twelve, the majority of children know how to protect themselves from predators and exploitative criminals? There are totally effective filters for "strong adult content" with no false positives and no false negatives? That these children are now capable of being fully responsible for their own actions?

Teenagers are still children and still need parental guidance and emotional support during these years of big changes, so that their new minds, with new feelings and instincts, are directed into productive directions. Technological developments and social enhancements are not going to supersede millennia of instinct overnight.

That said, overbearing, manipulative and exploitative parents can cause just as much, if not more, problems than the people in the first paragraph. Often worse than those are the withdrawn, nonchalant and selfish parents, who are definitely not "care-givers", who manage to inspire abandonment issues in their charges.

Those are just the observations of a science teacher who deals with teenagers and their issues on an on-going basis. By far, the majority of parents I deal with are positive role-models for their children, trying to inspire good in their offspring, interested and engaged in a positive way with the development of their children, but those others are often trouble.

All that said, this young lady's mother seems more of the overly controlling type (which is really because of her insecurity about herself), that I have to tread very carefully with, lest things blow up in my face.
Owen (Odmo) MacRae
This is perhaps the longest comment I've recieved, well, ever! I aplore you for that. And yes, I understand well that not all parents are controlling as Georgia Rivet and that teenagers still need some level of parental consultance while giving them some room to breathe. I'm not supposed to reveal this until later on, but Georgia is making huge exaggerations over the Youth Independence Bill as it actually grants children freedoms in gradual 2 year segments starting at twelve years old, meaning that teenagers can't go out into the big bad world on their own just yet. Just another by-product of Georgia's 'insecurity' as eloquently stated.

Again, thanks for your input and sorry for the misunderstanding. But then again, stories do need to withhold information and perspectives in order to get the readers reeling in.
Nutster 15.3.2014 edit delete reply
Actually, I would not say there was a misunderstanding on my part, but I did miss a subtle clue. Overly controlling parents often look at situations with a very negative world-view, including paranoid feelings of conspiracy theories and overblown feelings of loss-of-control and helplessness, generally coming from insecurities in their own lives; they feel that their life around them is not enough in their control, so they try to control as much around them as possible, often focused on controlling (but not really supporting) their children, because they are an available target.

She is not your little baby anymore, but a young woman needing your guidance and love, not your dominance. Deal with her as she is, not as you want her to be, or you risk alienating her and causing her not to love and respect you, but fear and resent you. And don't give me the line about "If she won't love me, then she will fear me." That never works out in the end.