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14.8.2012 in Book 1
Page 4
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I like your character designs and premise =)

I found the stuff your doing inside the word bubbles different but maybe a little distracting. It kind of crowds things. The rest of the page looks very well done!
Owen (Odmo) MacRae
Yeah, I suppose that is true to some extent, since I often notice it myself. Maybe I'd ought lighten the colours next time.
Its the pink and white that stand out the most. the pink sticks out a bit much. The blended colors work better. Its a pretty cool idea, maybe just blend the pink, or lighten a little.
logan force
I totaly love your 80's colors.
vwyler 24.1.2013 edit delete reply
I like colored word bubbles, too. I did it from issue #3 on in my own comic, though not as complexly as you did here.