This Forth of July...
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae

...We celebrate the largest Indepence Day in history...

...and this time, it's global!

Ever since Edward Snowden sacrificed everything he had to blow the whistle on the NSA's insane mass surveillance program over the Internet, he has, and still is, relentlessly seeking asylum from state prosecution. This matters. Unless you aren't in the know, the NSA has been collecting private data from Intenet users, not just in the US, but around the entire world on behalf of the US government.

Let's not allow Snowden's noble sacrifice go to waste! This 4th of July, join The Internet Defense League and Fight For the Future and see what you can do to contribute in perhaps the largest online protest since the SOPA Blackout against this irresponsible breach of user privacy.


In honor of those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


I would like to take this time to show my sympathies to those affected by the bomb attack during the Boston Marathon. I first heard the dreadful news when I checked my Twitter feed last night and my heart almost stopped to think how something like this could of happened in only a few seconds. I doesn't even feel that long since 9/11, when the Twin Towers collapsed after the suicide impact.

Despite living outside the US, I still felt the utmost responsiblity to write this blog entry to, as I said earlier, express my deepest sympathies, and I encourage all other bloggers and artists reading this to take the time to express their sympathies also.

If only there was something I, or anyone, could of done to prevent this...

Praise to Afflecks Palace
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


Good evening, all. Just returned home a few moments ago from a personally typical day out to Manchester, doing the usual shopping at stores such as Forbidden Planet and the Travelling Man. But for the third time now, I've visited what I now call Manchesters most recent "unnofficial" landmark called Afflecks Palace.

Afflecks Palace is, as I would best describe it, a collective of small stores that sell all sorts of practically  awesome little trinkets (not meant as a negative term), from vintage collectors items, heavy metal apparel, anime memorabilia, art prints, designer toys, basically anything you probably wouldn't find in any soulless high street store. And to boot, you've got a few arcade cabinets as well. Point Blank being one of them.

So yes, to put in one paragraph, Afflecks Palace is more than just a shopping center for the alternative. It's a place, that I believe, helps you to rediscover yourself. I bought a Hatsune Miku backpack and key ring realizing that I ought to live life more carelessly from time to time, just to make sure, in the unlikely event knowing me, I don't go insane!...

If you live somewhere near the Manchester area I'd say, go over to Afflecks Palace and reel in the wonderous atmosphere yourself. And on that note, stay tuned on Friday for the next Beep Club update.

And now the Latest 'Game-plan'
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


It's been brewing for quite sometime but plans are under way for making my debut convention appearance at this years Melksham Comic Con and perhaps this (and apparantly the very last) Ayacon. And in commemoration to this, I am working on three, print-exclusive, 10-page comics, related to the Beep Club universe, which will be available to buy on the day, alongside other merchandise.

But in the meantime, I ought to give you a sneak preview of the rough front covers so far. If I pull it off, could be awesome!

Happy Valentines Day!
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae

Image may contain some minor NSFW material. Proceed with caution!14/2/2013

It's that time of year once again when love is temporarly replacing our oxygen and that we're obligated to let it show. But for me, I decided to strike a psuedo protest. In other words, I've participated in Stef Marcinkowski's Valentines Day Sex Drive 2013 event by giving everyone Phoebe Rivet... Nude, condemning vanity! At first, I doubted whether I should of took part in this years VDSD, being that I wanted Beep Club to be a feminist-friendly webcomic, but after remembering PETA's campeign against wearing animal fur, I thought I'd create a parody of that, instead slating the fashion industry. But this is just one of the many webcomics that have participated this year, below are the full list of participants which I encourage you should also check out.

WARNING: Other VDSD images may contain mild to strong NSFW material. Proceed with caution!

  1. Stef Marcinkowski - Sarah Zero
  2. Mike Delheim - Prepare to Die
  3. Tom Szewc - Alone in a Crowd
  4. Nate Hammond - Jazz and Jess
  5. Chella Morgan - TDUGN
  6. Nick Gonzo - Execution Day
  7. John Peters - Ardra
  8. Mike Aston and Shaun Nicholls - Lacey Investigations
  9. Maxwell Vex - Agents of the Endtimes
  10. Juno Blair B. - Star Cross'd Destiny
  11. J. Mackenzie Graham - Mozhaets
  12. Nocturne City - Strange Aeons
  13. Brion Foulke - Flipside
  14. Adam Black - Silk & Honey, Locus, Kiss 4K
  15. TK Doherty - Nikki Sprite
  16. J. E. Flint and Eric Flint - The Chronicles of Loth
  17. Sean Harrington - Spying With Lana
  18. Rev. Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz - Rasputin Barxotka
  19. Jack Cayless - Chimneyspeak
  20. Samuel Isaac Dealey - Woohooligan!
  21. Amy Letts - Epic Fail
  22. Emy Bitner - Trying Human
  23. Hushicho - Incubus Tales
  24. Lou Graziani - CyBoar
  25. Melissa Stone - Children of the Tiger
  26. Cihan Sesen - Spine
  27. ellejohara - Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry
  28. Hiro Odan - Bridge University
  29. Liz Staley - Adrastus
  30. Uncle Greedy - Steampunk Gorgon
  31. Peter Anckorn - By The Book
  32. Phil and Max - Indifferently Evil
  33. Mark Egan - Back Office, Bata Neart
  34. Miluette - Lovefeast
  35. Yellowgerbil - Zoe the Vampire
  36. Elizabeth and Lisa - The Code Crimson
  37. Dave Barrack - Grrl Power
  38. Byron Wilkins - 1977 The Comic
  39. Doug Jacobs - Sister of Infinite Mercy
  40. Jeremy Begin - After the Dream
  41. Davy Shirley - Fera
  42. Foust - Steel Siren
  43. Owen MacRae - Beep Club
  44. Lee Nathan - Instructapals
  45. John Kratky, Tobias Kaschinski, and Stephen Yan - Tales of Hammerfist
  46. Jack Munroe - Ada Lee Comes On!
  47. Jerry McMasters - Webcomic Pete
  48. Niauropsaka - Raspberry Rain