Get My Act Together, You!
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


This has practically been my first blog entry since weeks ago, so I apologize. This cartoon I made for OFFLIFE's 'Quick Draw' event on Twitter kind of explains my recent predicament at present. I'm spending too much time gaming, when I should be staying informed with the news, watching videos on YouTube, reading other webcomics and most importantly, producing more art. I think a slight shift in life style is in order here, all the more now that I've been given my next post grad assignment to start on. I certainly don't want my creative spirit drying up anytime soon. So I suppose I should take this opportunity and make a list of things I ought to try doing more often from here on out, here and now so I likely don't forget.

  • Read news sites and stay informed (you never know what your next comic will be about).
  • Read other webcomics and give them positive feedback.
  • Be more sociable on Twitter and online forums.
  • Read more novels (I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone).
  • Watch more 80's sci-fi movies.
  • Watch 80s cartoons.
  • Watch chick-flicks for a change (seriously).
  • Watch anime and read manga again.
  • Look for ways to improve my webcomic's experience beside updating it regularly with just another page.
  • And whatever I leave out by mistake, I might include in another list at another time.

And I think I might leave you with suggesting a webcomic I found really appealing, 'Love Me Nice'.


The Last ©ontract
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


I hadn't done a blog entry in two weeks straight now, and it's about high time I did this week. Especially since, during the Christmas Holidays, I submitted guest art to the webcomics, The Code Crimson and Her Majesty No More.

Yesterday, I gave a presentation regarding my research proposal towards my post-grad dissertation. You can see my Prezi which accompanied it here. Being that there's little text on the Prezi, I'll cover the most vital points here. Put simply, what I want to find out is if the artist in the digital age today, can manage a business creating the artwork he/she intends to rather than submit to a large corporation which should supposedly manage distribution for him/her. I intend to look into subjects related to social media, intellectual property law and the creative industry.

I gotta say, IP lobbyists are a bunch of thieving jerks who don't want to be made a fool of. Perhaps by writing this dissertation, I, or we, could suss out how to deal with this nuisance and move on from there.

Wannabe Wiseman
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


I feel bad not writing about this sooner, but a few days back, Jon Esparza revealed the participants' entries for his 'Crazy Christmas Experiment', which I took part in with my 'bionic frosty' picture on the side here. Be sure to marvel at the rest of the entries for their unique spin on the B-list christmas icon while you go over there for a peek, they're pretty hilarious.

Today, I spent a small portion of the morning, while biding my own time, writing the research proposal to my post-grad dissertation (or thesis, which some people may better refer it as), and afterwards I got to assemble a poster presentation for when I go back to University. The topic, you ask? 'The Independent Artist Vs. The Big Corperations in the Digital Age'. In this day in age, you probably don't need to ponder too hard on a topic like this. Anyone remember the dreaded SOPA and PIPA? (and don't get me started on ACTA again) We all stood up to it (Wikipedia and Reddit shut down their websites for a day, even!) and in the end the two bills got rejected! What I intend to learn from this dissertation/thesis is whether artists finally have the means to express themselves through their art and make a decent living doing so. And not having to sign their soul away to a private corperation.

As much as higher education may seem like a waste of time to most people nowadays, it does sometimes get you into exploring new topics and looking at things at different angles. That's the thing, really! Recently in the last few years I've come to develope short term addictions to looking into new topics that I feel might improve my webcomic-ing ability, and my life in general.

I'm like a wannabe wiseman! You can never know enough about everything and everywhere.

Thank Irem for R-Type!
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


I guess I'm officially finished with post-grad work for winter this year and I hope I could dedicate more time to producing more pages to this here webcomic. It isn't like I'm behind schedule or anything (in fact, I'm way on top of it.), it's just that I haven't been able to move the buffer ahead as fast as I wanted to...

I thought  I'd dedicate this blog entry to one of the most influential arcade games of my experience, R-Type. If your a classic gaming geek like me, you're bound to know that R-Type is one of the most influential coin-op scrolling shooting games of the good ol' 1980's, with Scott Ridley's Alien influenced tributes to boot! Traditional boot camp walkthrough; wiggle the joystick to move through obstacles, mash the button to shoot alien trolls, hold and let go of the button to release a machine replicated 'Kame-Hame-Ha' and try to collect power ups in hopes that you'll get a pet cyborg firefly that'll pitch in for you too. As much as it is infuriating, having to start at a set place each time you crash your fighter into either titanium or biomorphic terrain, it's definitely well worth playing for it's really 'rad' graphics for it's time and surprisingly listenable soundtrack. If all else fails though, just pretend you're on a classified space mission to have American Idol canceled.

If you want to give this classic a shot, just download the MAME emulator and the R-Type rom. If you're going to go the pseudo-illegal route, that is.

And thank Irem for R-type!

Website of the Week: Pink Apple Jam
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


Well, I'm teetering between feeling either on top of the world or so close to committing suicide, it's unbelievable!... Why? Because governments could be negotiating behind our backs whether to hand control of the entire internet to a single telecommunications conglomerate. I've no time on my blog to either explain or start a 'call to arms' against this malarkey, so I'll provide you a link to Vint Cerf's Google mini-site, so you can start from there.

Moving on now, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight one of Britain's most influential manga artists, Laura Watton. Who I got the chance to meet with at 'Thought Bubble' a few weeks ago now. Her portfolio site is at Creating manga influenced art since 1995, Laura has achieved a lot of things and has taken on several professional commissions. She is also very well known for being one of the founding members of the UK exclusive manga collective, Sweatdrop Studios, where she has created and published her most notable titles such as Biomecha, Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami, Squishy-Chan's Adventure and has contributed to many Sweatdrop anthologies during her course of time before moving onto self-publishing.

Having been a huge Sweatdrop Studios enthusiast way back since between 2005 to 2006, I'd certainly say that the work of Laura Watton has left a strong impression on me, and really deserves a lot more attention for her unique old school yet feminine approach to her style.

So do check her work out. Again, it's at: