A little bit of 'Digital D.I.Y'
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


Well, Christmas is certainly coming and I'm well on track with my post grad coursework. T'is the season to... Well, panic!... If you certainly know the pre-festive experience by now, you probably wouldn't need to be reminded of all the ends that need to be met to get Christmas presents sorted, greetings cards posted and all the other hullabaloo, (on top of all the OTHER hullabaloo, depending on your view point) so's to celebrate the birth of Jesus with no possible backfire.

Down to the point I thought I should share with you how my post grad website design project, which I diligently assigned for myself before the beginning of the year, is faring. As you can see by the sample mockup, which I built up from initial sketches, to crude wireframes, then to rough layouts (despite having unintentionally skipped most of the preliminary steps to 'proffesional' web design) I am just about on my way to build the site piece by piece using HTML and CSS.

And at some point sooner or later, once I finally get my head round the rest of CSS, the Beep Club website you're seeing right now will probably look something like this!

Talk about a spot of 'Digital D.I.Y'

Thought Bubble 2012, an overview
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


I feel guilty now that I've decided to write about Thought Bubble now rather than yesterday, the day I came back. But I guess it's better now than never, so here we go! 

Since the last time I went to Thought Bubble last year, I knew that comic conventions like this one are great opportunities to meet new peers and catch up with the peers you already met last time. Some of those that I've come to know and love (and have also met again this year) include: Tom Siddel (Gunnerkrigg Court), Nich Angell, Destiny Blue (Yay!), Andy (Hexjibber) Skyes, Craig Cameron (Mo-bot High) The lovely ladies at Teen Girl Comic, Jennie Gyllblad and Corey Gyllblad (Clockwork Watch) and Laura Watton!

I know it's needless to say, considering that I'm virtually running a webcomic right now, but going to a convention like Thought Bubble is always reassuring. 'We're living in an age where we can produce and monetize our own content without any capitalist telling us that it won't sell, or any IP troll trying to litigate us to his own ends!'

You only needed to have attend the panels and the screenings at the convention this year to agree with all that. Panels included discussion about, creative independence (in the UK especially), writing for comics, comics in the digital age, and even audience participation in the creation of a webcomic! And there was even a Judge Dredd fan film screening, Judge Minty, which I actually enjoyed even though I've never been too involved in the franchise before.

And so yes! Thought Bubble 2012? Great success! I would like to thank all the people I mentioned earlier for taking the time to chat and well, just being awesome I guess. As for me, I will ultimately yell to myself "Get off ya backside and get back to work! You've earned it, dude!!"


Be seeing you at Thought Bubble next year. Perhaps at my own table even.

Thought Bubble 2012 is on its way
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


As the title above suggests, I'll be ultimately attending this years Thought Bubble convention at Leeds, being the second time in a row since I first attended in 2011. Better get my iPad's camera and internet connection ready, for I'll be sure to get some snapshots for you either when I get back or if I can access Twitter during the day. I'll be attending as a fan once again this year but perhaps someday, maybe next year, I should perhaps consider booking a table to present my webcomic... Maybe!

On the side note, I have been working through the spare hours to produce a sort of contest entry for Jon Exparza's 'Christmas Experiment', where you must reimagine everyones favorite second rate christmas celebrity, Frosty the Snowman. The objective is simply: "What if Frosty the Snowman was real?" And here's the work in progress; if Frosty the Snowman was real, he'd probably be a giant robot built to fight climate change. The motto: "I will keep the spirit of Christmas alive, bitches!"


A little influence
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


Gotta say, I enjoyed last nights firework display. But enough about that, I feel I should show you a few YouTube vids that inspired the NC Central Mall scene that I uploaded last Friday.


Disclaimer: All copyright to these videos belong to their respective owners.

Today's Soundtrack No.2
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


Anything special? Maybe. I just had laminated lights installed in my room the other day, so I can practically see what I'm drawing more efficiently during the night. (Unlike my other generic energy saving lightbulb, inconviniently equiped with a large lightshade, which was no help at all!) Anyway, here's my second playlist of the week to get any of you readers into that 80's frequency while reading Beep Club:

  • Exit - Tangerine Dream
  • Ooh To Be Ah - Kajagoogoo and Limahl
  • Robert De Niro's Waiting - Bananarama
  • Rainbow in the Dark - Dio
  • 恋にBooing ブー!(Booing To Love Boo!) - S/Mileage

If you want to know what each song sounds like, same as before. iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, whatever...