A Website to be
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


Well, I'm officially three weeks in at University and working hard. But in four weeks time, I'll be attending this years Thought Bubble convention in Leeds at the 17th and 18th of November. I'll be sure to blog about this again prior to the coming week.

Right now though, I feel I should share with you what I've been up to during my first few weeks at Uni. This time, I've started to get down and serious with web design. Why? I believe that if I ever want to get serious about running webcomics professionally then I'd ought to - after getting a good quality comic down and out of the way - grasp as much as I possibly can about how to build and design a website from the ground up. If I could do that, then my website could very well complement my comic and make it all the more appealing.

You might be thinking, "you're already running the comic, fine and dandy! Why worry about the website". True, you could make it successful with the webcomic alone, but I believe a really good webcomic creator should have full grasp over every aspect of his/her practice. From the artistic freedom to the nitty gritty aspects of technology and commerce, and even to any other related (or unrelated) subject that you might feel could contribute significantly.

Well, I've said enough. I guess I should get back to work. Or better still, keep ahead of schedual by producing more pages for this webcomic. Indeed, Phoebe Rivet won't get her designer robot if I either slob out or get caught up with other problems. So yes, be sure to check Beep Club out this coming Friday for the weekly update.

See you soon.


Today's Soundtrack No.1
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


I didn't know where to begin writing today, last week was when I started back at University, studying 'Master of Arts, Creative Media' part time. What I hope to achieve at the end of the degree is to design a website for this here webcomic. If I can pull that off, I'll be sure to better present the stories I tell. After all, I can't rely on Comic Fury's, 'Simple Layout Editor' forever, you know!

Moving on now, I felt I should share with you a simple playlist of songs from the eighties, which I feel would put you readers in the webcomic's mindset. If you ever wonder what they sound like, you know what to do. Either find it on iTunes, YouTube maybe, illegal download, whatever!

  • All Fall Down - Five Star
  • Material Girl - Madonna
  • Point of No Return - Expose
  • Operator - Midnight Star
  • Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
Website of the Week: Title Scream
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae



For the life of me, I can't remember where I found this specific little gimmick, but Title Scream is a really clever website that cumulates title screens from classic 8-bit and 16-bit video games, and places them into one space! If you're like me, your still into your childhood games, you'll find this place a huge trip down memory lane. And who knows, you might find one or two games you may never heard of and think, "I gotta download the ROM for that!".

Title Scream updates every once in a while with new titles, so you should check regularly to see if your favourite game will ever turn up.

On the sideline: Here are two webcomics I suggest you should check out this week:

The Introvert Manifesto - Neal Sporken: Teenage introvert, Lief, deals with the harsh extroverted reality of school, and the seemingly wild behavior of fellow introvert, Cole. Introvertedly hilarious and clever!

The Code Crimson - Elizabeth & Lisa: This is pretty much a new comic, but all I can say is that it is going with a great start. Nice art style, too.

I know very little
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


A few weeks back, my older brother lent me his DVD collection, and from them I watched Akira, Kill Bill, Citizen Kane and several others too. And it's made me realize, I know very little about pop culture! That's right, quite recently I have not been up to speed with what's happening in the outside world, all thanks to me being absorbed in keeping my webcomic's buffer ahead of schedual. But after watching those said films, especially Citizen Kane, it virtually made me feel a lot more smarter. It feels as if, should I put it eloquently, I found pieces to the puzzle of life.

I've now set myself an ongoing quest, although not an urgent one, and that's to watch as many past films and TV series' that I most probably ignored for most of my life. This includes, the entire back catalogue of Star Trek, The Star Wars series, E.T, The Breakfast Club, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Matrix Trilogy, and the list goes on...

Happy movie going!


Website of the Week: Feminist Frequency
by Owen (Odmo) MacRae


I've always wanted to find something on the Internet that involves something in the lines of feminist criticisms against the modeling industry. I haven't quite found it yet, but I have found something worth mentioning.

Feminist Frequency, run by Anita Sarkeesian, is a really inspiring and thought provoking series of YouTube videos that questions the representations of women in popular culture. There's so much to look at, but right now, Anita is currently working towards producing a new set of vids, Tropes vs Women in Video Games. She could really do with our support though, because as much support as she's getting, there is a huge backlash of misogynist losers giving her a hard time when it's absolutely unnecessary.

One video that I managed to look into so far is The Oscars and the Bechdel Test. It's really ironic that the Hollywood film directors automatically assume that all women ever talk about are men. Or are those directors just talking about themselves and sex?

Anyway, you should check it out. It's really helping me think about how I should present my webcomic in the right tone.

Other websites:

Adrastus: A webcomic by Elizabeth Staley. I haven't read much of this yet. All I can say is that it has a giant robot in it

Her Majesty No More: Another webcomic by Eve Z. Meadow Heller, the only child of a noble family who has been home schooled all her life, has a tough time at her college in Rossen-burg.