About the Author

Owen (Odmo) MacRae is a mostly traditional comic artist who has been diagnosed with having autism at an early age, but has accomplished a lot despite of that, having recently graduated from Glyndwr University in 2011 with a first class honors in Art and Design: Animation and has won the Wrexham University Third Age Art & Design Prize.

He is very into Anime, 80s pop culture, human psychology, and his 'grub', and when he's not caught up in his 'duties', he likes to play video games (16-bit classics preferred), read books, read webcomics, study random topics and workout. Some of his favorite artists include Junko Mizuno, Akira Toriyama, Nich Angell, Patrick Nagel and Jean (Mobius) Giraud. His tools of trade include 2H pencils, fineliners, watercolour pencils, ruler and set square and on rare occasions, iPad with Sketchbook Pro or Macbook with Gimp.

In short he would describe himself half a feminist and half a geek, in other words, he wants to accomplish combining elements of chick literature with elements of science fiction/high fantasy/'high carnage' action into his work.

He is currently unemployed, but hopes to make a decent enough living through webcomics, he loves the freedom to create under his own terms and always loves a challenge he thinks he can take.

You can view his other work at his DeviantArt page or contact him via his e-mail address.